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2007-09-14 14:46:51 by ToxicMayhem

I Actually Have no Flash to make movies...............
I will not spend 700$.............Why?, because I don't have that amount of money.
What do you Thinked, I'm only a Fourteen Years old.



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2007-09-14 14:57:44

I do not speak spanish. sorry, but i will try and use a english - to - spanish converter

Si usted quiere realmente mantener ir con su destello que anima, usted podría conseguir un trabajo, o esperar unos pocos años, cuando usted tiene más dinero, y lo consigue entonces. E incluso aunque hago no esto, usted lo podría conseguir ilegalmente. Yo no le daré una conexión ni nada, porque yo no quiero que newgrounds esté enojado conmigo

Same thing in english

If you really want to keep going with your flash animating, you could get a job, or wait a few years, when you have more money, and get it then.
And even though I don't this, you could get it illegally. I will not give you a link or anything, because i don't want newgrounds to be mad at me

ToxicMayhem responds:

basically Stick with the English


2007-09-14 15:24:08

Nice to know.


2007-09-14 16:00:47

Flash 4 es gratuito.

ToxicMayhem responds:

No me Voy a Rebajar


2007-09-14 16:43:00

Get a job. Make some money. Buy it. It's really not that hard :/

ToxicMayhem responds:

I'm a 14 years old. I can't work until I have 16. The laws of Mexico says that.


2007-09-14 19:15:04

What version of flash do you use? You could just get a gif animator and still make movies like how ramdonperson does.

it can be done and i'll be willing to covert your gifs into working flash movies. if you got aol instant messager.

Maybe we can have a disscussion later.

ToxicMayhem responds:

I will stick with more convenient