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toastedtoastytoast 2 toastedtoastytoast 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Sequel

that was better than the original

Clock Roulette Clock Roulette

Rated 5 / 5 stars


So, do you wanna play some russian roulette?

: It's A Bald World... : : It's A Bald World... :

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Awuful, the decay of society

today I discovered a property of my personality, is that I'm arguing, a lot, I discovered that I have a logic mind and I can embrace me further to the point I can actually know how are people by just observing how they behave. and I discovered why society is in this peak of decadency

You see, the people with all the charisma that actually become leaders are actually really close-minded and not so smart at all...You might be thinking, why the little story? well is because I will examination why people actually likes (or simulates that they like) this animation, just think about it, is just a bald girl and a squirrel arguing about God knows what, It's just as repetitive and nonsensical as watching a T.V. channel just for the commercials, is not funny, not well written, hell It ,didn't had graphical upgrade since the first animation they made, it looks like a bunch of gifs with a dialog that syncs.

continuing with my theory of society decay, i was that the charismatic people that become leaders aren't at all smart, As much as I hate to admit illwillpress is a leader, not to smart but his charisma has made him endure the extra mile, and so he hijacked the taste of humor of other people, but he isn't the only one to blame, I mean, look at the users with more subscriptions at YouTube and you will see a lot of awful, dumb and nonsensical videos on the face of internet (yes, they do look like this,and yes these people are still on air because they have sort of charisma),and some people has been worshiping this awful persons, people actually think this is funny because it's random,why is random funny?, it's just screaming, shit-talk and stupidity.
Like this movie, is just Foamy talking shit and screaming to Germaine, and some people even take the time to saw it more than once, that is unbearable for people that actually think about what they are watching

Now for illwillpress:
this is the kind of thinks that happens when you are just trolling people, it's just awful, you can have an animation of Foamy weaving his testicles for 30 minutes and he still won an award (mainly your fault), this animation is just repetitive, and unfunny and It's no surprise, I mean, you see how much time he takes to make one of this animations, they take him just a weak, I don't know but to make something good you take time, this is something that was trowed at the air and said "there you have, you want more, I will throw more shit at the air tomorrow", and so forth

Hope this thing had opened your thoughts and actually made you think what kind of things you actually do when you connect to the internet, this was a review for the whole illwillpress series and for the brainless fans, if you feeled offended by this, I apologies and offer an open mind if you have any kind of commentary (I will obviously not take in count the ones that say "no you suck" and so forth)

: A Change Of Face : : A Change Of Face :

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Is this guy dong any effort to improve, is he really trying to do something different, well it was different like 9 years ago, but now it's just sad, it's sad that he is doing all this to whore and sell T-shirts, it's sad that he is trying to improve in something that he thinks is original, and it's the sad that you actually are sucking his dick for this kind of crap

Seriously when was the last time he submitted his last movie,he is even trying to do shit?, I'm not exactly the best person to ask about Flash, but, you actually take time, dedication and effort to make something at least subtle, but this is just a squirrel gif with some kind of synced audio ranting on a girl that doesn't have a personality at all, I said it, they don't have personality at all, personality is a conjunction of like and dislikes, interest and beliefs that only he can develop, but no this is just a bunch of gif ranting about jackshit, and people is actually jerking to this

I know that some people might actually enjoy this but I personally think that this animation completely told them -"you see this, this is an animation, get used to us because we are going to do the same shit over and over"- I know this stopped being funny, or subtle, but, why people is still voting positive in this kind of things, I mean, what's so good about a bald chick and a squirrel yelling at each other and coming with a seminal joke every once in a while, it's just a mindfuck for people with emotional disorder, mental issues and the general idiot

please, PLEASE, If you are reading this, I'm not insulting people , I'm just asking that people change their voting habits to a more intelligent and reflexive way, instead to just vote on sprite movies and VG parodies, because when you go to the point of all this, it's just for the good, It's okay to make funny things, but it is also good to make something that has some story value, and admit it , this isn't fun at all

Pin's Address Pin's Address

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It would be perfect if...

you added more of that HazardClock, he is such a sexy beast

kirbykrew responds:

He is in there, check the credits.

Also thanks for the 10 man.

The Buddies: 0.5 The Buddies: 0.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I would love to be on one of your movies

RocketFetus responds:


Ivysaur&Chalk are Hitched Ivysaur&Chalk are Hitched

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was on the actaul wedding, you know

Seriously, nice stuff


Rated 5 / 5 stars

B is all

and that is all about

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: A Woman's Deceit : : A Woman's Deceit :

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Really Poor

Some fact about how newgrounds is moving right now is that it will be repetitive and tedious, I remember when people had a sense of individualism and think from different perspectives and spotted flaws and details on every game or movie................................
................... HAHAHAHA kidding, this website has almost moved with the rest off the people like a giant monster asking for semen jokes and scat porn, and illwillpress is one of the main sources of bad quality jokes that all the people is asking.

I'm surprised how no one have a sense of humor to call his own, and how they will never have, I keep picturing this people like jerks that only attend to the call of the herd and just trowing random votes at the compass of massive flaw of none-sense.

illwillpress is now mocking on you, tacking your money on bad quality shirts and donations of PayPal, and laughing while he takes the daily awards for a mediocre animation, and specially he laughs at you people because you give him power, and feel special while doing so, you think because you are jerking foamy's penis you are the shit of the Internet, but the sad true is that he is dominating you, no joke.

So please,Pleeeeeeease stop following the other people, the live will have a lot of choices and believe me, taking every ones path is following a bunch of small creatures falling of a cliff.

Also, take in count that he have successfully trolled me and you.

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I hate christmas >:( I hate christmas >:(

Rated 5 / 5 stars


death to that fat bastard